CAN bus all-digital technology, accurate material-side control and screed-assisted control technology which achieve high flatness paving effect.

One Key Digital Start System, just click one button to start working.

Dual Power ECO Control System to achieve lower fuel consumption.



Stretchable, Folding Canopy

Hood Can be opened up and down, left and right


High Efficiency

Heavy-duty, Large Displacement Hydraulic System

Use High-strength Wear-resistant Materials

Low Hopper Platform Design



Unique Control Technology:

Start, stop, straight and steer pavers is precise and stable paving.

Flexible start and stop, speed up and smooth.

Constant speed control ensures paving quality.

Fully monitored for operation paving.

The emergency control system ensures the completion of paving the remaining materials in emergency.

Paving Width Range 2.5-6 m
Maximum Paving Thickness 350 mm
Model Cummins QSB5.9-C210
Rated Power 152 kW (204 hp / 207 ps) @ 2,000 rpm
Paving Speed 0-18 m/min
Traveling Speed 0-3 km/h
Hopper Capacity 16 t
Gradability 20%