• Dependable power is provided by Shangchai 4H engine.
  • Flexible and non-impact technology on our vibratory rollers extends the vibratory bearing 's working life increasing productivity and
  • reducing part wear. Components such as our“indestructible” Exciter will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free.
  • Patented cooling technology inside the drum keeps temperatures balanced at lower temperature. These technologies helps prolong component life and reduces maintenance cost.
  • The new space saving engine and gear box design give you more room to work, making maintenance faster and simpler.
  • Reasonable matching of vibration mass and vibration parameters, high construction efficiency and reasonable vibration intensity can protect the surrounding buildings.
  • Large diameter drum and optimum compaction force deliver high compaction performance especial for rural roads, scenic spots and residential areas construction.
  • Flexible and non-impact vibration technology extends drum bearing service life and reduces maintenance cost
  • Spacious cab with AC, outstanding visibility and three-stage suspension  system provide operator higher productivity
Operating Mass 10,500 kg
Front Drum Static Linear Load 235 N/cm
Model Shangchai SC4H140.2G2
Emission Regulation Stage II
Rated Power 103 kW@ 2,200 rpm
Vibration Frequency 30 Hz
Nominal Amplitude 2.0/1.1 mm
Centrifugal Force 240/150 kN
Drum Diameter 1,500 mm
Drum Width 2,130 mm
1st Maximum Speed,fwd 2.4 km/h
2nd Maximum Speed,fwd 4.7 km/h
3rd Maximum Speed,fwd 10 km/h
Min. Outside Turning Radius 6,500 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 440 mm
Theoretical Gradeability 30%
Overall Length 5,876 mm
Overall Width 2,290 mm
Overall Height 3,000 mm