The highest standard for visibility, safety, and comfort

We’ve made it easier to operate safely and efficiency with even greater visibility. Our curved, panoramic glass  windows and optional rear-view camera combine to increase visibility by 15%.


309° Panoramic Cab provides a better vision of working surroundings, leading to higher safety.The Pressurized Cab effectively shuts dusts out, keeping the operator space clean;8 Air-conditioning Vents provide the operator with a comfortable temperature environment and a constant flow of fresh air;Fewer Turning Laps reduce the operator’s fatigue and stress;High-back seat helps reduce sedentary discomfort;Ergonomically-designed integrated button makes it easier to operate.

Dependable key components

The Guangxi Cummins QSB7 engine that meets the Stage IIIA is used, and the ZF200 automatic transmission is used for more comfortable operation and reduced gear reduction. With the full-variable load-sensitive hydraulic system, the displacement can be adjusted according to the load, and the energy loss can be reduced. Energy saving.

When the machine is in the forward 2 or backward 2 gear and the speed is lower than the maximum speed of the second gear, press the KD key, and the gearbox gear is automatically switched to the first gear in the current direction of operation. If the shift joystick changes the driving direction at this time, the gearbox automatically shifts to the reverse direction of 2 gears. 

Radiator installation

Single-layer open parallel radiator with a working temperature of up to 45 °C.

Variable hydraulic system drive fan and intelligent temperature control system, the hydraulic system drive fan and intelligent temperature control system can monitor and adjust the fan speed in real time, so that the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum, the maximum energy consumption is 8kW; the oil consumption of the whole machine can be reduced by 3-5%.

Turbocharger and CAC---Compress and cool the intake air to increase air density, improve combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions

Single-layer and large wave length, The radiator is not easily blocked; single-layer and open fan and positive & reverse rotating fan for easy maintenance

Speedy maintenance

Maintenance and checks should be fast and easy to perform, that’s why we’ve created easy access service points. The wide opening engine hood reveals logically positioned service points designed to save you time and hassle. Radiator cleaning, oil checks and replenishment, hydraulic hoses, air, diesel, and oil filters can all be reached  quickly and easily reducing downtime.

Operating Weight 14,000 kg
Bucket Capacity 2.5 m³
Gross Power 119 kW (162 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Power 108 kW (147 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Rated Load 4,500 kg
Total Cycle Time 9.5 s
Tipping Load-full Turn 9,700 kg
Bucket Breakout Force 129 kN
Dump Clearance, Full Height Discharge 2,880 mm
Dump Reach, Full Height Discharge 1,000 mm
Model Cummins QSB6.7
Emissions Tier 3 / Stage IIIA
Length with Bucket Down 7,880 mm
Width over Tires 2,548 mm
Cab Height 3,310 mm