Designed for tough, demanding applications the LiuGong 856H is packed with benefits to make your life easier.


The CLG856H wheel loader achieves outstanding power and good performance thanks to the Cummins 6LT9.3 engine. The motor curve is designed and optimized according to the load in the working process of the equipment. When encountering large resistance along with reducing the engine rotation speed, the power will be increased, and at the same time, more torque can be generated. In addition, the low-speed part torque has been greatly improved to ensure better gear acceleration performance. Moreover, when at maximum throttle, Cummins engine has a higher rotational speed and torque compared to other engines of the same type, so the traction force of the device is greater, the working speed of the system is higher.


World-class ZF4BP210 automatic transmission. The gearbox adopts the transmission inclined gear, the noise is small, and the transmission input torque is large. The gearbox is controlled by an electronic control valve to help smooth gear changes for the driver to feel more comfortable. The gearbox can automatically change gears, can start the machine when in 2nd gear. When encountering great resistance, it can automatically shift to 1st gear, making loading and unloading more convenient and enhanced. work efficiency and reduce the work intensity for the driver.


Spacious cabin. Panoramic cabin with a view of 309°, combined with a reversing camera, helps the driver have an optimal vision, ensuring safety when driving.

The cabin is designed with a slight turbocharger to prevent outside dust from entering the cockpit.

The cabin has excellent stability.

Low cabin vibration. with 3-level damping design (engine-cabin-seat) to maximize the shock absorption of the driver 's seat.


Points that require regular maintenance are centrally designed and located in an easily accessible location. Engineers can access maintenance points from the ground when opening the hood, making maintenance safer and more convenient.

856H MAX
Operating Weight 17,500 kg
Bucket Capacity 3.5 m³
Gross Power 162 kW (217 hp / 220 ps) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Power 152 kW (204 hp / 207 ps) @ 2,200 rpm
Rated Load 5,500 kg
Total Cycle Time 10.0 s
Tipping Load-full Turn 12,303 kg
Bucket Breakout Force 165 kN
Dump Clearance, Full Height Discharge 2,978 mm
Dump Reach, Full Height Discharge 1,231 mm
Model Cummins 6LTAA9.3
Emissions EPA Tier 2 / EU Stage II
Length with Bucket Down 8,390 mm
Width over Tires 2,976 mm
Cab Height 3,500 mm