You know all about versatility because you’ve got to be ready to handle any challenge. Whatever the job; utilities, foundation work, landscaping, indoor/outdoor demolition and construction projects you need a flexible machine that is easy to transport, simple to operate and maintain, and cost effective to run.We’ve risen to that challenge to create a machine that’s as versatile as you are.


The fuel efficient, low noise and low emission Stage V certified Yanmar 3TNV80F-SNLY engine gives the operator the power to perform. With perfectly matched hydraulics for greater efficiency and Automatic Idle control, operators can expect to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% compared with the industry average.

To a professional operator, control is everything. Load sensing hydraulics, equipped with pressure compensated valves deliver precise, smooth and powerful operation no matter what attachments and with excellent grading performance. Finger-tip control from the Electro proportional joystick delivers precise and sensitive control of all your attachments from the start, to the end of the job. Oil flow to the auxiliary lines can be controlled and monitored using a simple ergonomic in-cab control unit.To prevent hand fatigue, the 9027FZT features a hydraulic flow Lock Button on the joystick, this smart feature allows you to lock the flow.


When space is tight, the neat compact design with zero tail swing and boom swing gets you to work. With the upper frame and counter-weight sitting within the width of the tracks the 9027F can squeeze into the tightest jobsites without damaging the machine or surrounding environment. The agile offset boom swing control allows the 9027F to deliver even greater versatility allowing you to dig right alongside the tracks. Simple push button selection and trackwheel control enable the boom to swing 74-degrees to the left and 54.5-degrees to the right. Whatever the space challenge, the 9027F takes it in its stride


 Multi-tool versatility is designed into the 9027FZT.. High flow, 2-way attachment hydraulic lines with proportional control are fitted as standard making it easy to get the most from the machine. Single direction attachments such as breakers; or dual direction attachments such as a tilting bucket can easily be utilised. With an optional rotation circuit also available, multiple flow attachments such as a selector grab or 4-line tilt rotator can also be employed with ease.


 Fully opening side covers give easy access to air filter, oil filter, fuel prefilter, dipstick, hydraulic tank and oil fill cap,not to mention the engine, main pump and radiator.

9027F ZTS
Operating Weight 2,680 kg
Rated Power 5.2 kW (20.4 hp / 20.7 ps) @2,500 rpm
Bucket Capacity 0.08 m³
Arm Digging Force 12 kN
Bucket Digging Force 20 kN
Transport Dimension
Shipping Length 4,160 mm
Shipping Width 1,550 mm
Shipping Height 2,450 mm
Track Shoe Width (STD) 300 mm
Model Yanmar 3TNV80F-SNLY
Emission Stage V/ Tier 4f
Hydraulic System
System Maximum Flow 86 L/min
System Pressure 21.6 MPa